Johns Island Farmers Market

We want Johns Island Farmers Market to be a point of sustainable connection for the Lowcountry community.  We want this market to be a one-stop-shop for everything on your shopping list to be sourced locally. Johns Island Farmers Market also holds a mission of bringing interactive ways to educate your community on the health and environmental benefits of making sustainable choices.


Frasier Block & Blue Laughters

Founders of the Johns Island Farmers Market

Frasier Block and Blue Laughters have a passion for bringing people together in loving, local ways. Having a knack for nature and love for the countryside, the idea for the Johns Island Farmers Market began as the desire to connect local farmers and artisans with their communities. Frasier and Blue saw a high demand from locals wanting to support local foods and goods, and wanted to create a peaceful place where it would be easy to make the connection between local supply and demand.

They believe that if people are given the opportunity to make positive, healthy, sustainable choices in their lives on any scale, that this will promote an eco-friendly shift for many levels of society. If Johns Island Farmers Market can be a place where people can meet, connect, and support each other then we can all live together from a place of passion rather than anger and fear. One of the goals of Johns Island Farmers Market is to have everything on a shopping list sourced locally.  

Of course it will take time to get there, but if our community can make the effort to visit this market once a week before going to a corporate store, that choice would significantly boost the well being of our local economy. Blue and Frasier also believe fondly in making choices to live a more sustainable lifestyle. That is why they also incorporate a sustainable educational aspect to this market. Johns Island Farmers Market offers classes, demos, and interactive opportunities for locals to be active in making sustainable choices in their lives. (i.e. observation bee hives, crochet/craft classes, live animal and homesteading information).

Ultimately they want Johns Island Farmers Market to be a place that is fun to come to, and stimulating to experience, something that can be life changing. Through this market people can make connections with other locals that will lead them toward self-sustainability and eco-friendly living.