Family fun!

Family fun!

A Savory Summer

Happy Independence Day Y’all! We are OPEN this Saturday to stock up for the 4th! Plenty of meats for the grill and watermelons to cool you down.

It’s been great seeing all of our Homegrown family at the market every Saturday. It’s not too hot to dance, hula-hoop, or sing-a-long to the music. That’s something we really love every Saturday, seeing everyone gather, share, and bring the furry friends out and about.

What does every gathering need? A yummy recipe! We’re going to begin including a Homegrown Market Recipe in each newsletter. Each recipe will be based on recommendations from farmers and vendors, with all of the ingredients available right at the market.

Johns Island Farmers Market is always accepting new vendors. If you’re interested in becoming a part of the family, send us an email.

Remember, we have TONS of parking on site and plenty of shady picnic tables for great meals or relaxation time. Check out our list of food trucks for your breakfast, brunch, and lunch enjoyment.




Charleston Spice Company | Down By The Shore Deli | Lowcountry Olive Oil | Charleston Cheese House | Olinda Olives and Olive Oil | One Love Kombucha | Pat’s Painted Rocks & Jelly | Two Fat Cooks| Lowcountry Lemonade  Avi’s Yummy Foods | Blue Barn Juice Company | Green Grocer Raw Milk | Botany Bay & Bulls Bay Sea Salt | Mitla Torilleria | Nanna’s Nuts | Phiabella Chocolates  Rio Bertolini’s Fresh Pasta | Root Baking Company | Vi’s Salad Sensations | Fruit Creations by Jestine | Gourmet Bay to Go | Anson Mills | Charleston Bees & Honey
Granna’s Gourmet 


A Familiar Ring | Alan Small Nautical Charts |Charleston Bath Works | Birth Easy & Essential Oils | Coastal Design Casual Furniture | Designs by PKD | Euro Gift | Fortner Group | Marilyn’s Crafts | Meeting & Market | Organic Shea Butter Hut | Sea Island Apothecary | From Hannah’s Hand | Pluff Mud Fiber | Upfront Productions | My Sweet Clementine | Montessori School of JI | Kaypea Jewelry | From Hannah’s Hand |Far Away Places Clemson Extension Master Gardeners | Carolina Homestead Supply

Produce & Meat

The freshest produce you'll find.

The freshest produce you’ll find.

Champney’s Blueberry Farm | Andy’s Melons |Fresh Lowcal   Ambrose Family Farm| Holy CIty Farms | Brick House Farms  Joseph Fields Farm | Irish Farms | M.C. Cannon Farms |Storey Farms | Rosebank Farms | Whitemarsh Farm | Wildhaven Farm & Ranch


Ward of Sol Drivin Train 7/2 | John Sherrill 7/9| Josh Taylor 7/16 |Jamie Coan 7/23 | Lauren Cahill of the Lowhills 7/30

Food Trucks

Avila | Kay’s Southern Gourmet | Cory’s Grilled Cheese | Happy Thai | Brazilianuts | Down By The Shore Deli Lowcountry Lemonade | Pep Rolls | Brownfox Coffee | Notes Curbside Coffee | Pacha Mama 

     For the summer months, the market will be open from 9-1 so you can enjoy the best produce of the year (berries, melons, squashes, and shrimp) without the worst heat!

     Better yet, we have our live music and picnic tables nestled under the shade of Live Oak trees– the perfect spot to eat breakfast and lunch or sip some coffee, fresh squeezed lemonade, and local juices. We also have tents for extra shade, located conveniently close to our food trucks.

     Stressed about parking? We have plenty of free parking in the field adjacent to the market so no need to worry!

     Bring your furry friends out to join us!

Famous John's Island Tomatoes!

Famous John’s Island Tomatoes!

We extend a warm welcome to new farmers and vendors!  We also want to highlight Palmetto Solar, providing energy efficient alternatives. 

     We always accept applications for new vendors.  E-mail us to join the John’s Island Farmer’s Market family!

     We are excited to announce we will soon be accepting SNAP & Healthy Bucks benefits. Stay tuned for more information!

     Keep an eye out for our most colorful produce of the year- especially John’s Island tomatoes.

Game Zone featuring corn hole
Bounce House
Charleston Animal Society (18th)
LEARN Pony Rides (25th)

David Rowe & Friends from St. John’s Parish (18th)
Leslie from Folly Beach (25th)

Charleston Artisan Cheeses
Charleston Spice Company
Down By The Shore Deli
Lowcountry Olive Oil
Charleston Bees & HoneyKombucha
Olinda Olives and Olive Oil
One Love Kombucha
Pat’s Painted Rocks & Jelly
Two Fat Cooks
Lowcountry Lemonade
Avi’s Yummy Foods
Blue Barn Juice Company
Cannonborough Beverage Company
Meeting & Market
Mitla Torilleria
Nanna’s Nuts
Phiabella Chocolates
Rio Bertolini’s Fresh Pasta
Root Baking Company
Vi’s Salad Sensations
Fruit Creations by Jestine
Gourmet Bay to Go
Anson Mills
Green Grocer Raw Milk



Birth Easy & Essential Oils
Charleston Bath Works
Organic Shea Butter Hut
Sea Island Apothecary
Charleston Homestead Supply
Master Gardeners
My Sweet Clementine

A Familiar Ring
Far Away Places
From Hannah’s Hand
Kaypea Jewelry
Bounce Moms

Champney’s Blueberry Farm
Andy’s Melons
Fresh Lowcal
Ambrose Family Farms
Holy City Farms
Brick House Farms
Joseph Fields Farm
Irish Farms
M.C. Cannon Farms
Storey Farms
Rosebank Farms
Whitemarsh Farms
Sea Island Savory Herb Farm


See our vendors page for information about our vendors!