As Charleston’s premier year-round farmers market, the Johns Island Farmers Market is proud to launch a mission of honesty for its customers every Saturday all year.
JIFM’s Truth and Transparency Mission guarantees that all produce, products, foods, and crafts are honest about how and where they are grown or made. The goal of this market is to be a trustworthy place for customers to shop and know that the background work is being done to ensure the legitamacy and labeling of all products. This market also exists to create a joy-filled, loving local experience with vendors who hold positive energy and want to be here. 
Market owners and operators Frasier Block and Blue Laughters are visiting the farms and businesses of all vendors at JIFM, carefully documenting and asking questions to ensure the legitimacy of all items being sold at the market. Weekly vendor booth checks for proper signage and quality of goods reinforces an honest message for customers. “Fraud at farmers markets is all too common in other markets, so we are making an effort for loyal customers to not be tricked or lied to at JIFM.” says Block, “It is our passion for this market to be an honest one, ensuring that people can trust the local products here and rely on clear signage and open interaction with each farmer or business they buy from. It is also of utmost importance to ensure that all vendors in this market have positive, honest mindsets so we can create a trustworthy place together.”
In light of research being done in many areas around the globe on fraud at farmers markets, the owners of the Johns Island Farmers Market make it a top priority to take a different route and hope to emulate markets and policies that are doing the right thing. This is not something that South Carolina currently has any regulations for. Produce and goods from around the world are sold at the SC State Farmers Market/Food Hub in Columbia, where any person can go to buy and resell under false pretenses.
We encourage our customers to understand that not all foods are available year round, and offer these tips to help people Buy and Eat Local: 
  • Be educated on what fruits and vegetables are In-Season for the climate you live in. Check to see if the vendor has non-seasonal items and if so, do not shop there.

  • Understand that to truly “Shop and Eat Local” will require you to modify your menus because all foods are not available year-round.

  • Ask questions about a vendor’s production practices and get to know them.

  • Use your intuition on trusting each vendor’s energy and feeling if they are telling you the truth.

  • You always have the choice to say no if something does not seem right to you.

We at the Johns Island Farmers Market are working hard to ensure that you can feel good and honest with every vendor in this market.

We want to establish and maintain trust with our customers.
We believe that Truth & Transparency breeds Trust and an Enriching Experience.
If you feel a bit more light and love in your heart after visiting the Johns Island Farmers Market, that is what we strive to create.
Thank you all for your support.
Locally Yours,
The JIFM Team

[su_heading size=”25″ margin=”40″]Click the following bullet points to see research found on farmers market fraud[/su_heading]

Here is a story called, ‘Farmers Market Lies Exposed’ by Canadian Broadcasting Corp. 

See the video for the previous ‘Farmers Market Lies Exposed’


We believe you deserve the truth so here are photos from our visits with more to come…

We love shining light on the Truth and Transparency that the vendors of JIFM bring you each week. Partick and Lindsay of Thaddeus Farms have a passion for bringing you quality, sustainable meats and eggs fresh from their 3-acre homestead farm. What began as a labor of love to eat healthier and get closer to their food has blossomed into 400-500 Quail, Rabbits, Goats, Chickens, Geese, a couple of pet Pigs, and 2 Amazing Security Donkeys. Thaddeus Farms enjoys raising all their animals sustainably on a vegetarian and natural bug diet. A unique find in the local farming world, these lean, heart-healthy proteins are beneficial for our bodies and souls and can be found at Johns Island Farmers Market each Saturday. Visit the booth of Thaddeus Farms and see how talented Lindsay is with her quilting and sewing skills, as well as local honey from her grandparents Myrtle and Allie Crosby. We are working in an effort to create an experience of joy, love, and trust for you all.


Whitemarsh Farm, LLC is Shroomin’ & Boomin’ with Truth and Transparency! Our visit with farmer Kevin at Whitemarsh Farm was outstanding. He is dedicated to growing a quality crop from the ground up using organic materials and leaving a small environmental footprint. Once his unique mixture is bagged and hung, mushrooms will pop out in about a month and continue fruiting for 3-4 more months. Check out the beautiful mushroom variety he has to offer your table or take home your own mushroom fruiting kit every Saturday only at Johns Island Farmers Market

We had a beautiful day visiting Garnette and Marvin in the Charleston Spice Kitchen. Charleston Spice Company gets a big stamp of Local Truth & Transparency Approval! We were extremely impressed with their dedication to freshness. Let your nose guide you through 100s of their unique, organic spice blends including a delicious original Frogmore stew for game day.

Claire is one of our Truthful and Transparent vendors who is coming Out Of The Weeds to help people see plants as medicine while embracing and healing ourselves with the seasons. From being in the weeds in the Food & Bev industry, her entrepreneurial, foodie spirit has launched the business Out of the Weeds as a Local Business that highlights where food comes from and the importance of our inner and outer natural environment. Each week she is foraging in nature to create sustainable, healing products with Positive Energy for you. Visit Claire with Out of the Weeds every Saturday. She has a wealth of knowledge and passionate about sharing it with you. Her product line includes Fire Cider, Immunity Elixers, Mushroom Tonics, and upwards of 12 other Locally Foraged Seasonal Goodies. Thanks for sharing all your healing joy with us!

An outstanding Olivey visit with Jeanne at the Olinda Olives and Olive Oil kitchen that earns them a stamp of Truth and Transparency approval! Their family farm in CA grows 2 types of table olives and 2 types of oil olives that are hand blended right here in Charleston! (Educational note: olives don’t produce strongly here). Olinda’s is one of the only companies around to Naturally Brine their olives with No Chemicals and No Lye! Try their unique line of Table Olives flavored by Charleston Spice Co, Martini Brine, and of course Cold Pressed Unfiltered Charleston Blend Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Yummy in the Tummy! Our Truth and Transparency visit with Two Fat Cooks was a bakers delight. With over 100 different items in their repertoire, Kristy and Eric are true professionals dedicated to using as many Local Ingredients as possible with custom orders from our Farmers. Bringing an average of 475 pieces of sweet and savory yumminess to JIFM every Saturday, they also sell Local Cow Milk for Celeste Albers. In the next year keep an eye out for the Two Fat Cooks complete Commissary Kitchen on Johns Island in support of fellow Entrepreneurs.

separating eggs for baking
preparing ingredients to cook treats
browie batter getting cooked
trays of custard getting panned up
Blue and Kristy
adding butter to mixer
sugar, milk and nuts for cookies
looking at peanut butter chips
fresh whole milk cartons
Eric and Blue posing
here are all the ingredients they use from the farmers market
more market ingredients
Using tooth pick to test if loaves are done cooking
shredding frozen butter
finished yummy treats