Johns Island Farmers Market launches 

Year-Round Truth & Transparency Mission

As Charleston’s premier year-round farmers market, the Johns Island Farmers Market is proud to launch a mission of honesty for its customers every Saturday all year.
JIFM’s Truth and Transparency Mission guarantees that all produce, products, foods, and crafts are honest about how and where they are grown or made. The goal of this market is to be a trustworthy place for customers to shop and know that the background work is being done to ensure that all goods sold here are legitimately local, sustainable, and labeled honestly.
Market owners and operators Frasier Block and Blue Laughters are visiting the farms and businesses of all vendors at JIFM, carefully documenting and asking questions to ensure the legitimacy of all items being sold at the market. Weekly vendor booth checks for proper signage and quality of goods reinforces an honest message for customers. “Fraud at farmers markets is all too common in other markets and we are taking a stand so that loyal customers will not be tricked or lied to at JIFM.” says Block, “It is our passion for this market to be an honest one, ensuring that people can trust the local products here and rely on clear signage and open interaction with each farmer or business they buy from.”
In light of research being done in many areas around the globe on fraud at farmers markets, the owners of the Johns Island Farmers Market make it a top priority to take a different route and hope to emulate markets and policies that are doing the right thing. This is not something that South Carolina currently has any regulations for. Produce and goods from around the world is sold at the SC State Farmers Market/Food Hub in Columbia, where any person can go to buy and resell under false pretenses.
Here are some links to research found on farmers market fraud:

Join us all year long every Saturday at 2024 Academy Drive to see what true Local Love is all about.
We believe you deserve the truth.